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Here at sure4pets health comes first. We specialise in dogs’ health and nutritional requirements as well as their canine ancestral history, and because of this we are able to help you ensure they lead Natural, Healthy and Happy lives with our supply of frozen raw food and natural treats.

We also offer free advice and support to ensure the changeover to their Species Appropriate Raw Food diet (SARF) is as smooth as possible. We have a great wealth of knowledge and we understand the cause of lots of common health issues with dogs today, offering advice and understanding, we provide natural treatments to help you deal with the source of these health problems, rather than just addressing the symptoms. You can see what our customers have to say about us Here

We have a real passion for what we do, our aim is to help you understand the proven benefits of feeding species appropriate raw food diets, rather than commercial synthetic human made biscuit/tinned “foods.” We are also passionate about creating an understanding of how these fake “foods” not only burden the body but prevent total protection and burden you and your fur baby with unnecessary treatments. You will read within our website that 75-80% of health in any animal comes from species appropriate raw food, this is because 75-80% of the immune system is housed in the gut, the immune system is what protects animals from virus and bacteria, this makes it the key to protection from diseases.

Our ethos is natural and eco-friendly, meaning all our food and treats are totally natural, with no additives, preservatives or chemical fillers, we also use an eco-friendly thermal packaging solution called Woolcool and we reuse boxes whenever we can to help keep our carbon foot print as small as possible.

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The Benefits of a RAW Diet

Digestive Needs

The first thing to understand is that, dogs are carnivores although they can survive on the omnivorous diet, it does not mean it’s their natural species specific (SARF) diet. The assumption that dogs are natural omnivores is yet to be proven. Although, we have changed the appearance and domesticated dogs, we haven’t changed their internal anatomy and physiology. “Dogs have the internal anatomy and physiology of a carnivore”.
They have a highly elastic stomach designed to hold large quantities of meat, bone, organs, and hide. Their stomachs are simple, with an undeveloped caecum (Feldhamer, G.A. 1999. Mammology: Adaptation, Diversity, and Ecology. McGraw-Hill. pg 260.)
They also have a short foregut and smooth, unsacculated colon. This means food passes through quickly. Vegetable and plant matter, however, needs to sit in the colon for between 12-14 hrs, where nutrients are then extracted, this is why omnivores and herbivores have longer, sacculated colons, larger and longer small intestines. Dogs have none of these, but have the shorter foregut and hindgut consistent with carnivorous animals

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The benefits from feeding the SARF diet are endless, firstly we are strengthening the immune system by introducing a good balance of natural enzymes, fatty acids, proteins, natural fats and minerals. Initially though we see the amount of faeces being produced, halved and the rancid smell gone as there are no chemical additives or preservatives. Digestion is improved by providing a natural stomach acidity level, stronger than hydrochloric acid, giving efficient digestion and a barrier against pathogens and parasites. Lean body mass and a healthy shape will be seen, due to their SARF diet being high in natural protein with no carbs or unatural fats. Naturally clean teeth and healthy gums will be seen after introducing Raw Meaty Bones, the bone is broken up through chewing and scrubs against their teeth, removing plaque and tarter. We will also notice Healthier skin and coat because there are no chemical additives or preservatives building up in the body that are then released through the skin. finally we see a huge improvement on degenerative diseases due to the fact 75-80% of health comes from species appropriate raw food diets.

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Changing Over

We recommend and suggest the QUICK CHANGEOVER

This is straightforward and really easy with puppies under the age of 12 months, just go straight from commercial food to their Species Appropriate Raw Food Diet (SARF) please note – WE SHOULD NEVER FAST A PUPPY – just go straight from commercial food to their SARF diet
However, with adult dogs that are over 16-17 months, we do recommend fasting, so this means no food or treats for between 24-36 hrs, by doing this, we ensure a deeper healing by totally emptying their digestive system,allowing the body to focus on the detox, this can create a little hunger and in some cases hunger pukes (yellow bile), but detoxing is a necessary process and will pave the way for a much better detox and smoother changeover for your fur baby, Please ensure during the detox period you provide plenty of fresh water (we highly recommend using filtered water) as this will help dramatically with the detox, by flushing out up to 66% of any chemicals and toxins present in the body, this is due to the fact that an animal’s body is 66% water.

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How Much Should I Be Feeding My Dog?

Feeding Info !

Please note the raw feeding calculator has been developed and used for 40 + years, it is proven and works, but it is only however a guideline, the amount of food you feed is also determined by the level of exercise and activity your dog receives, some owners can be shocked at the lack of food their dog actually eats/needs in comparison to what the calculated amount reads, it’s important at this point to understand that it isn’t the amount of food an animal eats, but rather the amount of nutrients the body recieves. You may have to adjust the amounts up or down to get the right balance but you will achieve this in no time and your pet/s will be eating the way they are born to.