Raw Pet Food
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100% natural, additive and chemical-free raw pet food for your dogs, cats, reptiles and birds of prey.


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Improving Pet’s Health, One Meal at a Time

At sure4pets, we’re specialist raw pet food suppliers who are passionate about pet health and wellbeing. We deliver species-appropriate raw food (SARF™) that is sustainably sourced and will leave your pet happier and healthier. By moving to a SARF™ diet, your pet will only eat raw ingredients inline with the laws of nature that are packed with nutritional value that can help resolve medical, physical and behavioural issues.

It’s not only time to ditch dry pet food, it’s also time to realise the difference between a raw food diet and the SARF™ diet and make the switch to a nutritious Species Appropriate Raw Food™ that’s inline with nature and not an industry. 

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100% Natural

All of our raw pet food contains no additives, chemicals or preservatives.

Bulk Discounts

Receive cost-saving discounts on bulk orders of DAF, Southcliffe and Bulmer.

100% British

Based in South Yorkshire and proud to sell only locally sourced British raw pet food.

Experts in Pets Health

Years of experience helping pet owners make the sustainable switch from synthetic food to a SARF™ diet since 2014.

Local Collection & Nationwide Delivery

Pick up from our Barnsley store or get your raw food delivered via our secure courier service.

Cost-saving Subscription

Set up a standing order of your pet’s favourite raw food and get a discount from us.

Raw Pet Food Products

We offer an extensive range of eco-friendly and natural raw pet food for your dog, cat, reptile or bird of prey. Select from our range of trusted raw food brands, which contain natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids in every recipe.

If you ever need help, pop in-store or get in touch with our nutrition experts who’ll help get your pets on a healthy, raw diet today! All food is delivered fresh or frozen in eco-friendly thermal packaging.

Why Switch to Raw Pet Food?

Every pet needs nutritious meals to live a long, happy and healthy life. Dry biscuits and tinned meat is cooked at extremely high temperatures, which completely removes any nutritional benefit it once had.

Raw pet food is completely natural, packed with nutritious ingredients and is the most beneficial diet for your pets. Experts across the world, including us, recognise the importance of a raw diet as a way to help solve common issues a pet might face in its lifetime. Whether it’s bad breath, dull coats or poor immune systems, raw food and in particular our SARF™ will transform your pet’s life .


Cleaner teeth and gums

Feeding a raw diet keeps your pet’s teeth clean and when combined with raw meaty bones, it will scrub and remove any plaque buildup on the teeth. This results in healthier teeth and gums as well as better breath.

Healthier skin and coat

Raw pet food improves the quality of your pet’s coat, making it softer, shinier and healthier within weeks of switching to raw. Packed with nutritional benefits, a SARF™ diet will reduce common skin conditions and help your pet achieve clearer skin.


Raw food is 100% natural, meaning there are no nasty or unnecessary ingredients added to your pet’s food. With only healthy, natural ingredients, your pet will have better digestion and process food much easier.

Strengthened immune system

A SARF™ diet reintroduces a healthy balance of essential minerals, immune-boosting nutrients and rich in antioxidants. When combined, your pet’s digestive system will strengthen and improve its overall health.

Raw Diet Advice for Your Pet

Changing your dog over
to a SARF™ diet

Changing your cat over
to a SARF™ diet

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Give your Pets the Perfect Portion

All pets will have different-sized meal portions depending on their species, age, weight and activity levels. Getting the right balance of raw food is essential for keeping your pet healthy. Simply use our easy raw food calculator to find out how much food they’ll need in their day-to-day meals.


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