About sure4pets

We’re sure4pets. A group of pet-loving fanatics driven to help pets live longer, happier and healthier lives with raw food.

How We Came About

At sure4pets, the health and well-being of your pets is our number one priority. This is why we champion a Species Appropriate Raw Food (SARF™) diet to help your pets thrive, rather than just survive.

Our mission to spread the good word about raw food started in 2014 when Gareth, our Director, opened up shop in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Before starting, Gareth went through his own journey from dry to raw dog food with his British bulldogs, Oli and Charlie. Charlie, unfortunately, faced a premature death, leading Gareth to realise that poor diet on top of unnecessary treatments was the cause.

Gareth made the change to raw food initially with Oli and saw the benefits, however over the past 10 years, he has realised that the way to true health is with the SARF™ diet.  Which not only supplies a food that’s raw and is specific to the species, it also mimics nature and how the dog as a wolf would eat in the wild. 12 years later, Oli continues to go on strong – all thanks to healthy, species-appropriate nutrition.

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Our Mission

We want to encourage and help more people understand the benefits of a SARF™ diet and how it can benefit pets in the long run. We live by our motto: “It’s about the health of the pet, nothing more, nothing less.” We work to understand the root causes of poor health and find a resolution by improving pets’ mineral and nutritional needs.

A poor diet can do more damage than you think. So our mission is to help pet lovers take a natural approach to feeding, helping improve their pet’s quality of life now and in the years ahead.

Meet sure4pets Personal Taste Testers

All our raw food is tried and tested by the very best team of office dogs and cats.


Director of Food Tasting

Oli is one of the main reasons behind sure4pets and has been happily eating a SARF™ diet for the last 11 years. Every meal is met with excitement and will always be there to let you know when it’s dinner time!

Pippa, Sadie and Flynn

Raw Meat Taskforce

Pippa & Sadie are sisters and Pippa’s a shoe thief who loves to greet you with them when I get home.

Sadie adores tennis balls and is the sweetest doggy!

Flynn, although he’s rather large.. he likes to think he can fit into any small space, including his sisters’ small bed! 

They all love their raw and get so excited when it’s food time & they don’t ever turn down a single meal!

Lola and Ralph

QA Food Testers

Lola, pint sized French bulldog, she’s a charming comedian with a love for napping, playtime and snuggles. She adores water and has her own pool.

Ralph, on the other hand, is a playful and mischievous Lhasa Apso with a regal and independent streak. He’s not a fan of getting wet or dirty.

Joe SARF advisor sure4pets and his two dogs

Evie and Duke

Senior Food Bowl Lickers

Evie and Duke are rescue dogs who love their walks and enjoy being served anything raw and fresh! Their favourite treat is day-old chicks.

Wiktoria sure4pets social media manager and her three cats

Marmite, Toast & Dumpling

Raw Meat Taskforce

Marmite is very affectionate and loves cuddles. His favourite activity is catching bubbles.

Toast, is an innocent fluffy boy who loves to carry his beloved bird toy and beg for games of fetch.

Dumpling never misses a morning to come for snuggles and kisses. His guilty pleasure is stealing his siblings food.

Diesel, Oscar, Zosia & Frank

Assistant Taste Testers

Diesel and Oscar are black and white rescue cats, whilst Zosia 

Frank, a labradoodle, also savours every raw meal that comes to him!

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What our Customers Say

The Birth of sure4pets

Initially sure4pets was started around three years after Oli came into our lives in 2011. He was raw fed when we collected him from the breeder and would wolf his raw mince meal down. However, initially due to my lack of knowledge at that time my ignorance, we switched Oli over to kibble food and what we thought (because of advertisements) was a “complete and balanced diet”. How wrong were we?!

The main reason behind the creation of sure4pets at this stage was to provide health and wellbeing to all dogs and cats through a SARF™ diet, which we complimented with natural products (air dried treats), natural toys and hard wearing accessories.

The Evolution of sure4pets

The progression of sure4pets evolving into health and an understanding of the body along with disease amongst other things came from sad circumstances. Charlie our British bulldog, was introduced to the family when Oli was around 1 year old and after Charlie initially being vet checked by the breeders vet as healthy, he was diagnosed by our vet two weeks after his final vaccinations with a type 4 heart murmer (which he had apparently grown into?!)

Although the murmer never bothered Charlie or interfered with his very playful boisterous character or with our long walks which he would participate in easily. He would make me laugh picking up sticks or branches rather along the way, he enjoyed it thoroughly, (I could tell the way he walked, with a hop in his step and a smile on his face), although the murmer was always in the back of our minds.


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