Benefits From Feeding Natural Species Appropriate Raw  Foods :

Stronger Immune System

SARF diet strengthens your pets immune system by reintroducing a good balance of enzymes, essential fatty acids, proteins, natural fats, calcium and other minerals along with pre-digested plant matter resulting in naturally healthy dogs.

Healthy Skin and Coat

Usually some of the first changes you will notice when you start feeding a SARF diet is skin conditions can suddenly improve or even disappear. This reduces the number of visits to the vets for medicated washes, antibiotics, & steroid tablets or injections. You will also notice a rich coloured, soft and sweet smelling healthy coat with your SARF fed pet!

Lean Body Mass

By feeding a SARF diet, your pet will lose fat and gain that much desired muscle mass. Your dog will look better than ever. This will also increase their activity levels and life-span. You can increase this affect with routine exercise.

Reduced Stool Volume and Odour

This is due to the fact a raw diet provides your pet with natural nutrients their body can use. Commercial dog food contains ingredients such as grains, corn, soy & Man-made nutrients which your dog would not eat naturally and are not good for digestion – the waste product is unnatural, smelly and takes considerably longer to decompose. 

Improved Degenerative Disease

People who switch their older dogs to a SARF diet often find that whatever degenerative disease their pet has contracted, becomes far less of a problem. This can happen quickly or over a few months.

Improved Arthritis

After a few months you can expect to see much greater mobility in your pet. This is why so many older pets have a new lease of life when switched to a SARF diet.

Healthy Digestion

When your dog(s) are enjoying A raw meaty bone and gnawing away at the meaty fibres it is allowing their gut time to activate the gastric acids needed for when the food finally hits the stomach, promoting healthier digestion.

Benefits Summary:

  • Vet bills are usually greatly reduced after switching to a SARF diet.
  • Naturally clean teeth and healthy gums from the natural scrubbing, massaging and flossing action of eating a SARF diet and bone treats.
    Fresher  breath and no doggy odour.
  • Yours Dogs ‘waste’ poo / stools are smaller, less smelly and degrade into the soil much quicker. ‘ Pick Up Or Pay Up’ still applies.
  • Your dog will maintain a healthy weight.
  • Kibble often sits around for hours untouched but dogs tend to be excited and love their raw meals.
    Health problems such as arthritis, lack of energy, allergies, skin conditions and dull coats often improve when switching from commercial dog food to raw feeding.

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