This is healing time for your dog and allows them to remove unwanted chemicals and toxins/acids from their body. It has been the general observation of biological doctors, as well as my own experience and experience from many naturopaths that when introducing a (SARF™) Species Appropriate Raw Food Diet, along with other natural methods which we recommend to cleanse the body on a cellular level (the body is said to be made of around 72 trillion cells) and then revitalise with a SARF™ diet to create new and healthy cells, it almost always results in a rapid and striking improvement in the condition that was present. However, it is also not uncommon that a fasting- (cleansing) and ultimately healing diet will sometimes and in all honesty quite often also result in an apparent change for the worse!

This is particularly true with a chronic condition, which may have been visible or may in fact have been deep within the cells and then brought out through a deeper cleansing but is simply a result a massive accumulation of toxic/acidic wastes in the cells/tissue. In such a case we see a worsening of the condition, before getting better.

Symptoms That Show Your Dog May Be Detoxing!

Mild Cleansing Effects:

  • Coughing with or without discharge
  • Low fever
  • Clear or yellow discharge from the nose or throat (mucus may include blood)
  • Aches & Pains
  • Mucus in fecal matter or urine
  • Loss or energy/lethargy
  • Rashes or itching
  • Minor blood in urine or strong smell

Moderate Cleansing Effects:

  • Vomiting/Diarrhoea
  • Dry skin/Dandruff
  • Oozing of innumerable substances from the skin
  • Skin splitting where heavy toxins are present
  • High fever
  • Smelly itchy ears
  • Heavy mucus discharge from eyes/ears
  • Heavy discharge from the Kidneys (urine colour changes to brown, orange or dark yellow)

Severe Cleansing Effects:

  • Heavy black discharge from the bowels with diarrhoea
  • Excessive weight loss, raw pancreas can be fed along side the diet to help.
  • Tumors popping out around the body.


Fasting your dog for 24-36 hours is always recommended when switching a dog over to their Species Appropriate Raw Food (SARF™) diet. It will give his digestive system a rest and encourage deeper healing. During the fast you can give them BONE BROTH, however, going without any solid foods (no minced meats, soft bones, etc) of any kind is the idea and for at least 24 hours will be the most beneficial. Please see our Health and Fasting page.

We do not advise fasting a puppy for this period if they are under one year of age.

What To Avoid During A Healing Crisis

The moderate to severe detox symptoms are also referred to as a “healing crisis” in these extreme cases it’s important to remember the following.

  1. Ensure you keep your dog hydrated, this is equally important as large intakes of water will help the body flush any toxins. It’s also strongly recommended to use filtered water as already mentioned the quality of water is important as around 80% of the body is made up of water.
  2. Don’t over do it if your dog is showing signs of a “healing crisis” (although exercise is good for getting the lymphatic system moving) the body/immune system needs all the energy it can get to cleanse and heal the body.
  3. Avoid Herbicides and Pesticides (for me this is a must regardless of a healing crisis or not, these chemicals cause major disruption to a body)

If You Need To Slow The Changeover Down

As you go through our 8 week changeover guide you will be introducing new meats. If your dog experiences sickness and/or diarrhea when be given something like Chicken & Beef (for example) go back to specific, single foods, for example chicken or turkey. It may even be that its duck that helps to slow down the detox and allow your dog to experience fewer symptoms. This will give their system a little more time to adapt to the new nutrients. This should improve the symptoms in a week or two. If no improvement is seen at all, and you are working with an older dog or a dog that has been diagnosed with chronic disease then you can ever so slightly heat the meats. Just warming the meat a little bit will sometimes make it a bit easier on his compromised digestive system while the body further adapts to all the new nutrients.

You can use a number of natural topical products to help with soothing the skin, using washes/gels regularly will help sooth/cool their skin and remove any bacteria build up that’s causing the itching.

If you notice inflamed/irritated areas on their the skin, you can directly apply pure Grape Seed or Colloidal Silver by rubbing over the affected areas after once cleaned, you can also use it to clean dirt that’s built up in their ears, simply apply a few drops, massage in then use a cotton pad to clean where you can reach. We also have a number of other supplements that we are always adding to, which helps strengthen the immune system and can help speed up the detox by helping remove toxins. These can be found on our supplements page.

Read our customer stories to see the progress they’ve made!

“would like to say a massive thanks to Gareth today for taking the time to explain all my concerns with my 2 year old akita the knowledge you have is amazing”


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