Why is Fasting So Important

Prior to transitioning dogs to their Species Appropriate Raw Food diet, at sure4pets, we always advise a brief fasting period of 24-36 hours.

We emphasise its healing benefits and in this section and its effectiveness. Hippocrates (460 – c. 370 BCE), often hailed as the father of medicine, incorporated fasting alongside herbs and other natural remedies to treat all known diseases of his time. He advocated for natural healing processes such as rest, a wholesome diet, fresh air, and cleanliness, famously stating, “to eat when you are sick, is to feed your sickness.” This initial fasting period allows the digestive system and the body’s cells to rest, facilitating deeper healing.

Please note…

We strongly recommend against fasting puppies (under 17 months old) for any duration. However, it’s essential to distinguish between intentionally fasting your dog and instances where they simply aren’t interested in eating. If your puppy isn’t consuming food but remains within the ideal body condition and displays normal behaviour, there’s typically no cause for alarm. As long as they appear healthy and content, there’s no need for excessive concern.

Why Fasting Is So Effective

During an extended fast, typically after the initial three days, the body relies on its own resources for sustenance. 

In the absence of essential nutrients, particularly proteins and fats, it resorts to a process known as “autolysis” or self-digestion. The remarkable aspect lies in the body’s innate wisdom: it selectively decomposes and consumes cells that are diseased, damaged, aged, or deceased. 

This fundamental mechanism underscores the true efficacy of fasting as a therapeutic and rejuvenating practice. Essentially, the body prioritises the breakdown and utilisation of impure and inferior materials, such as dead cells, pathological accumulations, tumours, abscesses, and fat. Renowned fasting authority Dr. Otto Buchinger, M.D., likened fasting to a “refuse disposal” and a “burning of rubbish.”

Importantly, essential tissues and vital organs, including glands, the nervous system, and the brain, remain unharmed and undigested during fasting.

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