Why Cats Need Taurine

What is Taurine?

Taurine, an amino acid variant, serves as a fundamental component of proteins. It is uniquely present in proteins derived from animals. 

This compound plays pivotal roles in maintaining healthy vision, digestion, and heart muscle function, as well as bolstering the immune system and supporting normal pregnancy and foetal growth. Particularly crucial for feline health, taurine stands as an indispensable amino acid.

While many mammals can synthesise sufficient taurine from alternative amino acids, cats possess a restricted capacity for taurine production. Hence, taurine is deemed a vital dietary requirement for felines. Nevertheless, due to its limited bodily storage, regular consumption is essential for maintaining adequate levels.

Taurine in a SARF Diet

The typical feline requires approximately 1000mg of taurine per 2.2 pounds of food, translating to roughly 100mg daily.

A species-appropriate diet is rich in taurine.

It’s crucial to recognise that heat exposure diminishes taurine content by over 65%, thus making cooked and canned food deficient of taurine. 

Enhancing Taurine Intake Levels

Many people struggling to enhance taurine intake levels, however it’s extremely easy!

Cats fed a raw diet, whole prey consumption is optimal as it provides ample taurine, complete nutrition, and appropriately sized portions. Following this, Franken Prey feeding presents another method by offering whole cuts across various proteins, ensuring sufficient taurine intake.

Muscle meat contains notable levels of taurine, with its concentration varying based on the muscle’s activity level. Darker meats, indicative of strenuously working muscles, harbour higher taurine levels. In contrast, larger animals like cattle exhibit lower taurine concentrations, while smaller animals boast richer taurine content. Taurine is abundant in most fish, birds, and rodents.

Products Packed with Taurine

Make sure your cat’s diet includes adequate taurine levels! Check out these taurine-rich products:

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