The Controversy over SARF


Dogs became domesticated thousands of years ago. A dog’s ancestral history traces back to wolves with a less than 2% difference in their DNA. Dogs are carnivores with the same digestive physiology as their ancestors. Approximately 60 years ago, dog’s diets consisted of scraps, carcasses, and what they killed on their own. When commercial dog food appeared on the market people found it easy to scoop out a portion of kibble and pour it into a bowl.

The Controversy Between a Natural Raw Food Diet and a Kibble Diet: Is a Raw Food Diet Healthier for animals?

They were told by veterinarians that it was balanced and nutritious for their dogs and animals. As the commercial animal food industry exploded, so did health issues in dogs and other animals. The ingredients used by the commercial food industry are basically waste from the human food industry (Martin, 2008). As people are becoming more aware of the dangers of commercially processed dry Kibble, they are turning to other alternatives. Raw food, which is a species appropriate raw food diet, and has many benefits, it has shown to promote health in dogs including healthy teeth (Lonsdale, 2001). Consuming whole live fresh food for all animals, including humans, is what nature intended it to be. Arguments have been made that feeding raw, fresh foods for dogs is dangerous and not nutritionally balanced and poses potential health risks.

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