Signs Of A Parasite Infection Inside Your Dog

Are you aware that parasites or rather what we could also refer to as aliens may be living inside your dog’s body and ours?

Moreover, given that the colon is often referred to as the “first brain” due to the nerve connections between itself and the brain, parasites have the capability to release chemicals in their excrement. These chemicals can subsequently travel to the brain and have an impact on cognitive processes, influencing eating habits and even controlling behaviour.

Although parasites are strong, we have the means to conquer them with our potent mixture of bitter herbal compounds.

What Are Parasites?

Parasites are organisms that can live on or inside the body of their host, they rely on the host for survival. Parasites cases cause harm to their hosts in many ways, such as:

See Coba’s Healing Journey to see how we helped Coba beat Parvo.


Signs of Parasites

The following symptoms could be a sign that your dog or cat has parasites:


If your dog has symptoms of : 

Try out our Blood Cleanser which is designed to eliminate toxins from your bloodstream.

Try out our Colon Cleanser, designed to gently cleanse the intestines and colon.

The Different Types of Parasite

Common examples of the different types of parasites that can infect the human body include:


What Effects do Parasites Have on Your Dog’s Health?

Below are just a few symptoms that are caused from a parasitic infection, symptoms will also depend on the type of parasite, as well as the location alongside the severity of the infestation.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Dog Against Parasites?

Parasites are an undeniable part of our existence, residing within us, yet there are measures we can implement to minimise the risk of parasitic infestations. 

Regular fasting alongside an Intracellular Chelation™ once to twice per year is strongly recommended.

You clean your house, car, your clothes, you clean your dogs (externally) a few times a year, some more often than others. However, no one is cleansing their internal system.

Give your dog’s bowels a thorough cleanse and help these little invaders out. 

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