Anco Lamb Horn


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100% Lamb Horn

These durable, long lasting chews are much less likely to splinter than processed bones, as the chewing grinds down the horn slowly.

Chewing these treats satisfies your dogs natural urge to chew and provides an acceptable outlet for board or stressed dogs – chewing releases endorphins which helps to relax stressed dogs.

Key Benefits

  • Low in Fat
  • Odor Free 
  • Will not become sticky or slimy
  • Naturally air dried
  • No additives, preservatives, colouring’s or flavourings


100% Lamb

Typical Analysis

  • Protein 68%
  • Fat 9.9%
  • Ash 7%

Size and/or colour may vary

Always ensure your dog is supervised at all time when having any treat or chew, and they have access to fresh water.