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What Is The sure4pets Raw Food Calculator?

Transitioning to a raw food diet can pose challenges, especially if you’ve been accustomed to feeding your pets dry or canned food over the years. Raw pet food, consisting entirely of natural ingredients brimming with nutrients, stands out as the most beneficial dietary choice for your furry companions. 

Renowned experts worldwide, including ourselves, acknowledge the significant role of a raw diet in addressing various common pet health issues. Whether it’s combating bad breath, enhancing coat luster, or bolstering immune function, raw food, particularly our SARF™ formula, promises to revolutionise your pet’s well-being.

However, determining the appropriate serving size for your pets can be a puzzle.

Each pet’s ideal meal portion varies based on factors such as species, age, weight, and activity level. Achieving the right balance of raw food is paramount for maintaining your pet’s optimal health.

This is why we’ve developed a raw food calculator, ensuring you can consistently craft the perfect meal for your pets, tailored precisely to their needs!

Benefits of Raw Food

Cleaner teeth and gums

Feeding a raw diet keeps your pet’s teeth clean and when combined with raw meaty bones, it will scrub and remove any plaque buildup on the teeth. This results in healthier teeth and gums as well as better breath.

Healthier skin and coat

Raw pet food improves the quality of your pet’s coat, making it softer, shinier and healthier within weeks of switching to raw. Packed with nutritional benefits, a SARF™ diet will reduce common skin conditions and help your pet achieve clearer skin.

Improved digestion

Raw food is 100% natural, meaning there are no nasty or unnecessary ingredients added to your pet’s food. With only healthy, natural ingredients, your pet will have better digestion and process food much easier.

Strengthened immune system

A SARF™ diet reintroduces a healthy balance of essential minerals, immune-boosting nutrients and rich in antioxidants. When combined, your pet’s digestive system will strengthen and improve its overall health.

How to Use The Raw Food Calculator

To get the perfect portion for your pet, input their weight and age. Then, we’ll be able to automatically calculate how much you should feed your pet! 

You can find our raw calculator at the bottom of hour page here

We are driven to help pets live longer, happier and healthier lives with raw food.
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