Introduction to Species Appropriate Raw Food Diet (SARF™)

Introduction to a Species Appropriate Raw Food Diet – SARF™


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At sure4pets we are dedicated to helping you provide your dog with the best life possible and therefore don’t go along with the crowd, which in this instance would be the raw feeding movement which has exploded over the past 9 years, resulting in the parroting of information and blind following without questioning the narrative, this has and is resulting in people feeding incorrect foods to their dogs who are scientifically proven to be a direct descendant of the grey wolf and in fact carnivorous.

During these past 9 years and due to the core of sure4pets foundations which is health and vitality for our dogs, we have been working tirelessly observing, question and leaning to ensure that you get the right information but most importantly your dog thrives in its life and we actually achieve the goal from the whole purpose of feeding a raw diet, that is in fact the SARF™  diet and one that is inline with the laws of nature.

The result from asking the questions and seeking to ensure that we get this right at the basic level has resulted in us recognising the very distinct difference between the raw food diet and the SARF™ diet.

A SARF™  diet is very simple, we only feed food that the animal would consume as a species, in its natural living habitat and nothing else between!, we have recognised just what nutrition is as “cell food” through the awareness of biochemistry. Essentially we’re mimicking nature.

To help you better understand this at the basic level we have to acknowledge some facts.

The dog is a wolf – scientific name canis Lupus Familairis – the gray wolf is called canis lupus.
The Dogs mitochondrial Dna (Mtdna) is 99.8% identical to that of their ancestor the grey wolf, Mtdna essentially meaning how the body absorbs food and turns it into growth and vitality, at the cellular level, helping result in longevity.

Dogs and wolves are used side by side in biological studies.

Since a dog’s internal physiology does not differ from a wolf, dogs have the same physiological and nutritional needs as those carnivorous predators, which, remember, “need to ingest all the major parts of their herbivorous prey, except the plants in the digestive system” to “grow and maintain their own bodies” (Mech, L.D. 2003. Wolves: Behaviour, Ecology, and Conservation.).

If you wish to learn more about the SARF™ diet  and the understanding of “we are what we consume” you can purchase a copy of “The Raw Truth” to discover the real importance of the SARF™ diet as well as the cause of disease but more importantly prevention, because this is where the cure is found.

Benefits of a SARF Diet 

Feeding your pet a SARF diet helps to bring many benefits for both cats and dogs. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable advantages of incorporating a SARF™  diet for your furry companion! 

  • Improved Digestive Health 

Feeding a SARF diet in most cases will lead to improved digestive health as it is naturally tailored to the specific needs of your pet’s species, thus promoting proper functioning of the digestive system. Additionally, a SARF diet often helps prevent gastrointestinal issues such as vomiting, diarrhoea, and constipation due to being heavily water based, it also helps to  maintain a healthy balance of nutrients in the form of organic minerals supporting the body at the cellular level helping to maintain homeostasis- a chemical balance within the bodies contained environment.

  • Better Nutrient Absorption 

Consuming a SARF diet also offers the advantage of enhanced nutrient absorption in the body and through correct digestion and assimilation at the cellular level. When a SARF diet is consumed in its natural state, the body can more effectively absorb and utilise the nutrients present in the food. This improved absorption results in better overall health and well-being, as the body functions optimally from the cell upwards. 

Biochemistry has demonstrated that minerals play a crucial role in cell strength and repair. The physical body is composed of roughly 102 minerals, such as magnesium, and phosphorus in bones, carbon and copper in the brain, chromium in the pancreas, iron in the blood, Zinc in the prostate among others. 

A SARF diet not only improves nutrient absorption at the cellular level, promoting overall health and well-being, but it also recognises the importance of ORGANIC (electrical) minerals in maintaining the body’s cellular strength during the regeneration of cells, this being the ageing process.  Without these essential organic minerals, the body will become weak at the cellular level.

  • Improved Immune System 

The immune system is composed of the skin, blood and lymph, with the latter two forming elastic fluid pipework networks that must flow freely throughout the body. The skin, on the other hand, is referred to as the third kidney due to its function as the largest elimination organ filter. 

A SARF™  diet is efficiently processed by cells, and the waste produced during digestion and cellular activity is also eliminated efficiently. The high moisture content found in a SARF™ diet allows the body to function properly, resulting in a strong and healthy immune system, as well as overall health and vitality. 

  • Better Oral Health 

Consuming a SARF™  diet also contributes to better oral health for our carnivorous companions too. When they eat their natural diet, their teeth are constantly being cleaned and their gums are being nourished.

Additionally, raw foods help to reduce plaque build-up and prevent gum disease by avoiding the consumption of synthetics, chemicals or acids that can harm teeth and cause plaque – degeneration of the tooth at the cellular level.

Furthermore, the benefits of a SARF™  diet for oral health can be clearly observed in dogs and cats when they consume a whole prey meal or a raw meaty bone. While they chew on these parts, their powerful jaws and carnassial teeth cut through the bone, ligaments and flesh, which scrape against the teeth and act as a natural toothbrush. The meat also acts as a flossing agent, cleaning between the teeth and promoting oral health.

  • Weight Control 

Consuming a SARF™  diet is also beneficial for pets in terms of weight management, more so when the correct amount is fed, a SARF™  diet is free of additives, preservatives, and other synthetic toxins that the body struggles to process and eliminate which is what leads to weight gain. A SARF diet helps to maintain an ideal body condition and often leads to reduced hunger, making it easier to stick to a healthy diet, particularly when we understand the dog doesn’t need to eat as often as we think. 

Additionally, SARF™  foods are processed as well as assimilated more efficiently by the body at the cellular level, resulting in better nutrient absorption and elimination. On the other hand, consuming non-SARF™  foods will lead to poor elimination of waste resulting in weight gain. By feeding pets in line with their natural diet, a SARF™  is not only beneficial but more satisfying and fulfilling for the animal, it will overtime allow us to achieve and maintain health, vitality and life longevity. 

Changeover to SARF™ 

3 Weeks – 6 Months 

Please note that finer minces are available for smaller breeds in puppies if needed. Here is our recommended 8 week changeover plan

  • Week 1 : Chicken with Tripe 
  • Week 2 : Turkey with Tripe
  • Week 3 : Duck with Tripe
  • Week 4 : Beef with Chicken
  • Week 5 : Chicken with Lamb
  • Week 6 : Beef with Tripe
  • Week 7 : Lamb with Lamb Tripe
  • Week 8 : Rabbit 

We don’t advise fasting puppies under 17 months old, but don’t worry if they don’t eat the recommended amount or miss a meal. Green tripe is important for bone development and boosting the immune system. It’s recommended 1-2 times a week or 4 times a month.

6 months plus

Please note that we recommended an 8 week changeover for adult dogs. 

  • Week 1 : Chicken
  • Week 2 : Turkey 
  • Week 3 : Duck
  • Week 4 : Beef with Chicken
  • Week 5 : Chicken with Lamb
  • Week 6 : Beef
  • Week 7 : Lamb
  • Week 8 : Rabbit 

We recommend the following 8-week changeover for dogs, and please note that finer minces can be purchased for smaller breeds of puppies if needed. For dogs older than 6 months, we suggest fasting them for 24-36 hours before starting the changeover, except for dogs older than 17 months.

Fasting helps to fully empty the digestive system of synthetic, processed food and allow the digestive/lymphatic system to rest, promoting healing and cleansing. Additionally, it helps settle inflammation caused by chemical additives and preservatives in synthetic food and flea, worm, and vaccination treatments.

Overall, feeding your pet a Species Appropriate Raw Food diet, you can ensure that everything they consume is efficiently processed at a cellular level and waste is eliminated efficiently, reducing the risk of inflammation and disease. As a result, you can significantly reduce visits to the vet and related expenses.

A SARF diet can help address the root cause of various health issues such as arthritis, allergies, lack of energy, dull coat, bad breath, and body odour. Moreover, feeding your pet a SARF diet has often been seen to promote both physical and mental well-being when done correctly.

If your dog is currently experiencing any of the diseases stated above and you would like to book a consultation that will help you deal with them at the root via a totally natural approach, please call Gareth @ Alpha Canine Health today at 07908090892. 

Call us today or visit or shop to find out more about starting a SARF diet!

We are driven to help pets live longer, happier and healthier lives with raw food.
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