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How To Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer

Although sunny days are looked forward to by most of us, it can be a different story for our pups. It’s important to ensure that your dog is comfortable during the summer seasons, so you can both enjoy the sunshine, without harming their health. 

Keeping Your Dog Cool in Summer

The last thing you want is for your canine pal to become ill due to heat exhaustion in the summer. Here’s 3 top tips for keeping your canine cool and comfortable all summer long:

1. Make sure your dog is hydrated 

The most important thing you can do to take care of your dog in warm weather is to keep them hydrated. Rather than sweating like humans do, dogs pant to cool down. So, to stabilise their body temperature, giving your dog plenty to drink throughout the day is crucial. As well as a water bowl, you can try giving them frozen treats or toys – this will hold their interest while keeping them cool all summer. 

2. Stay aware of the weather

While you might think (and your pup might tell you) they need to be walked every day, on the hottest days, it’s best to keep your dog cool inside. Walking dogs on concrete or tarmacked pavements can cause dogs’ paws to blister and burn. To avoid this happening, keep your dog in a cool room inside, or a shaded area in your garden. If your dog is in need of at least one daily walk, it’s advised to take them out late in the evening, once the temperature has dropped. 

To help expel some energy while outside walks are a no-go, you can try placing a frozen treat in a toy for them to play with. Making sure your dog has plenty of activities, toys and playtime will help keep their brain active and engaged, without the risk of overheating outside. 

3. Keep your dog fit and healthy 

Some dog breeds are better equipped to deal with the heat than others. However, the healthier your furry friend is, the more comfortable they will be in higher temperatures. Diet is crucial to both your dog’s health and happiness. Ensuring your dog has plenty of nutritious, healthy food to hand will help them retain the water they need, and help them stay active and energetic throughout the summer. 

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Does wetting a dog cool it down? 

When dogs feel they are getting too hot, they look for cooler areas to settle in, like a shady part of the garden or a stream. If the temperature becomes too much for your furry pal, you can wet a towel with cool (not freezing) water, and drape it over your dog’s body. This will help cool them down. However, once the towel has got dry or warm, you’ll need to take it off or repeat the process to prevent it having an adverse effect. 

What is the fastest way to cool down a dog? 

On boiling hot days when it can be hard to find shade, heatstroke can come on very quickly. If you’re struggling to find a sheltered spot, the best thing to do to help your dog cool down quickly is to give them some cool (not cold) water to drink. Cooling mats or ice packs will also help your dog lower their temperature, fast. 

How can you tell if a dog is too hot? 

Recognising the signs of overheating is crucial to cooling your dog down before they suffer from heat exhaustion. You can spot if your dog is uncomfortable by the following signs:

  • Excessive panting
  • Lethargy or more fatigue than usual
  • Excessive saliva
  • Red membranes 
  • Vomiting 

If your dog displays any signs of heat exhaustion, it’s important to seek a vet’s advice immediately.