How to Safely Defrost Raw Dog Food

If you’re worried about how to defrost raw dog food or if you’re storing it properly, there’s no need to stress. There are several methods to simplify the entire process.

Once you’ve determined that feeding your dog raw food is the right choice and you’ve mastered the transition process, it’s time to delve into the practical aspects of feeding. Soon enough, it will become second nature!

How to safely defrost your first meal

Despite common misconceptions about raw dog food, both feeding and defrosting it are straightforward tasks. The safest and most effective method for defrosting our raw dog food meals is in the fridge. 

This approach allows for natural thawing, minimising the risk of spoilage, this method takes between 24 – 36 hours. Therefore, it’s better to prepare the day before. Moreover, it requires minimal effort on your part—simply place it in a tub, in the fridge and serve when ready.

If your dog doesn’t require a full tub at every meal, that’s perfectly fine! 

Just securely seal the container and return the unused portion to the fridge promptly for their next meal. Our raw dog food can be safely stored in the fridge and will remain fresh for up to four days after being thawed. This flexibility means you can defrost multiple meals at once if it suits your schedule, adding to the convenience factor! 

I forgot to defrost my food, what do I do?

If you happen to forget or notice that the food is still partially frozen when it’s time to feed your dog, there’s no need to panic.

You can either place the food onto the sink and leave it until it reaches room temperature, alternatively you can place the sealed tub in lukewarm water, which will safely defrost the food more rapidly. Alternatively, if you have one available, you can use a defrosting plate specifically designed for this purpose.

However, we strongly discourage defrosting in the microwave or trying to heat it up in any way. This method alters the nutrient composition of the food, reducing its overall benefits for your dog and also can potentially be harmful to consume due to the bone content hardening and causing irritation to your dog. 

Can I refreeze defrosted food?

Yes! If for any reason your dog is not hungry, you can refreeze our raw food up to 4 times! 

Try our raw food today!


Still struggling? Watch this video on how to defrost raw dog and cat food! 

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