Cooked vs Raw Bones – What’s The Difference?

Many dog owners wonder if it’s safe to give their furry friends bones as a treat. While bones can provide benefits such as cleaning gums and teeth, it’s essential to understand the potential risks associated with feeding them cooked vs raw.

One crucial point to note is that cooked bones can be hazardous for dogs. When bones are cooked, they become brittle and can splinter easily. These sharp pieces can cause severe injuries to your dog’s mouth, throat, or digestive tract. Additionally, chewing on cooked bones can lead to dental issues and may even require veterinary intervention.

Another concern is that cooked bones can pose a choking hazard, especially for smaller dogs or those prone to gulping their food. If a bone fragment becomes lodged in your dog’s throat, it could lead to a life-threatening situation.

Raw Bones

If you choose to give your dog bones, it’s crucial to select appropriate types and supervise their chewing. Raw bones, such as raw meaty bones, are safer than cooked bones.

Raw meaty bones also help with cleaning your dog’s gums and teeth, helping fight off gum disease!

Benefits of Raw Bones

Promotes healthy digestion: Encourages optimal digestion. Bone constituents, derived from tissues and fibres, adhere to food in the digestive system, enhancing digestion and averting loose stools.

Provides essential minerals: Supplies vital minerals. Consumption of raw meaty bones by dogs furnishes crucial minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, indispensable for dental and skeletal robustness, as well as sustaining organ and tissue functionality across the organism.

Stimulation: Dogs are carnivores. Carnivores innately seek chewing activities, thus gnawing offers essential mental enrichment. They relish the thrill of tearing and shredding (akin to solving a delightful puzzle), triggering the release of endorphins and deterring them from engaging in unwanted chewing behaviors when idle.

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