Southcliffe Mixed Box (24x454g)


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The “Southcliffe” mixed box allows us to provide you with more of a balanced and complete diet for your canine carnivore by giving you variety from the selection of different meat types Southcliffe offer making meal times much more exciting too. Each meat type contains varying minerals/nutrients which are essential for the cells that make up the physical body of your canine carnivore. you will be feeding your dog a balanced but still exciting diet by choosing from a wide selection of different meat types.

In raw feeding terms, it’s advised to feed a minimum of 5 different meat varieties. Here at sure4pets we believe there should be at least 7 varieties, This is because each meat type provides your dog with something different in terms of minerals/nutrients, “for example” – The basics of Biology tells us there are trillions of cells that make up the physical structure (a living organism) and minerals are what make up the cells, IE the bones = a group of cells made up from calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, the brain = carbon and copper, Pancreas = Chromium, Thyriod = Potassium iodide and Potassium bromide, the blood = Iron and so on and so forth = 102 minerals completing a living organism = life form, hence in order to achieve health, vitality and life longevity (as the body ages, reproducing itself – its cells) we must provide the varying minerals to ensure we maintain the strength of the cellular structure,

“Contents May include, but might differ depending on stock” 

Full selection of Southcliffe stocked minces

  • Beef (80-10-10)
  • Beef & Chicken (90-10)
  • Beef & Tripe (90-10)
  • Chicken (80-10-10)
  • Chicken & Tripe (80-10-10)
  • Chicken & Salmon (80-10-10)
  • Duck (80-10-10)
  • Duck & Tripe (90-10)
  • Lamb (8-10-10)
  • Pork (80-10-10)
  • Turkey (80-10-10)
  • Turkey & tripe (90-10)
  • Oily Fish (80-10-10)
  • Beef & Turkey (90-10)
  • Turkey & Salmon (80-10-10)
  • Duck & Chicken (80-10-10)
  • Duck & Turkey (80-10-10)
  • Pork & Chicken (80-10-10)


If you require specific meats, these can be ordered at checkout, there is a notes section at the top right hand side of the website.

Feeding And Storage Guidelines

Store in the Freezer, best when defrosted in the fridge and should be used within 3-4 days (safe to defrost and refreeze)

A complementary food for dogs.

To achieve a complete and balanced Species Appropriate Raw Food diet (SARF) we do advise that you aim to feed a minimum of 5-7 different meats as each one provides your dog, cat or carnivore in general with different or higher levels of minerals/nutrients the cells of their body require to function and maintain health, this variation is what makes the diet complete and the 80% meat 10% bone 10% offal provides a balanced diet.

Can Only be purchased in the following amounts:

Per box 20 x 454g