Paleo ridge Kangaroo is a very lean meat, these Kangaroo Chunks offer a great super tasty treat that can be fed as a raw treat or be fed along side a DIY diet which should consist of 80% meat – 10% bone – 10% offal to achieve a balanced meal, remember in order to provide a complete raw diet we need to be feeding a minimum of 5-7 different meat types in a balanced form.

Paleo ridge use a supplier which is the UK’s biggest importer of exotic meat and holds a BRC AA rating for food safety. (BRC is globally recognised standard for food safety) They also supply the many large UK retailers. They visit their suppliers and only use those actively complying with the same high standards required in the UK and EU.

ALL the meat is human grade and passes all the tests required for human consumption in the UK. The meat is ethically sourced and has full tractability. It has not been poached etc.

A great complimentary feed that should be fed as part of a balanced DIY diet or as a treat.


(100% Boneless Kangaroo Chunks)

Typical Analysis

Moisture 69.1 Protein 21.9 Fat 5.7