BN Meat Feast Chicken


Earn up to 27 Pet Points.


A juicy and lean mouth-watering mealtime favourite. Benyfit Natural Chicken Meat Feast raw dog food is packed full of human-grade, ethically sourced tasty chicken, a low fat and highly nutritious meal.

Chicken contains Magnesium & Potassium which support the brain and nerves, Phosphorus, essential for healthy bones and Zinc required for all organs tissues, fluids and secretions.



  • 80% British Chicken
  • 10% British Chicken Bone
  • 5% British Ox Liver
  • 5% British Ox Kidney


No artificial colours, preservatives, additives cereals or filers.

Typical Analysis

  • Moisture 65.3%
  • Crude Protein 17.6%
  • Crude Fat 14.5%
  • Crude Ash %
  • Crude Fibre 0.2%
  • Calcium %
  • Phosphorous %