Wild Dog Skin Relief Balm 60ml


Skin Relief Balm is your dog’s very own skin care in a tin.

It is a super blend of our herbs, butters and essential oils to soothe itchy skin and nourish dry skin.

  • Soothing calendula and marshmallow herbal infusions
  • Sunflower and Blackcurrant Oils deliver fatty acids to nourish and calm
  • Mango Butter nurtures and protects
  • Essential oils of manuka, rosemary, lavender and frankincense

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Wild Dog skin Relief Balm is your dog’s very own skin care in a tin.

Suggested Uses:

  • Soothes itching, insect bites
  • Cuts, scrapes
  • Rough dry elbows
  • Dry skin
  • Gentle nourishment for your dog’s skin


How to Use:

Apply gently to clean dry skin. Skin Relief Balm is highly concentrated so you only need a small amount. For best results apply at least 2-3 times a day.

Use a favourite toy or treat to distract your dog whilst applying the balm. Be gentle and calm, and your dog will enjoy the special time together.

All our balms are safe to eat, however it is best if your dog doesn’t immediately lick all the balm away, so again distraction is key whilst the balm has a chance to sink in and work its magic.


Calendula and Marshmallow infusions; blackcurrant seed oil, poppy seed oil, sunflower seed oil, mango butter, manuka essential oil, rosemary essential oil, frankincense essential oil, rosewood essential oil, coconut oil, olive wax