Huskaloo Coconut Cat Litter (1.5kg)



Huskaloo is made from coconut husk, a waste product of the coconut industry. A readily available, sustainable resource that just happens to be incredibly absorbant, hypo-allergenic  and naturally resistant to bacteria.

Huskaloo is 90% lighter than clay cat litter. It is also 90% smaller. So it is much easier to carry, store, and cheaper and greener to transport – low carbon footprint! This box, the size of a cereal box, contains seven bricks of Huskaloo – that is enough cat litter to last 28 days.

Huskaloo is up to ten times more absorbant than clay cat litter. (Scientifically proven) There is no dust, and it is softer on a cat’s paws. No Sodium Bentinite commonly found in clumping cat litters It is also fully compostable and biodegradable, so that none of it needs to go to landfill. Huskaloo is the only TRUE Eco-friendly cat litter on the market!

*90% smaller 90% lighter than other Clay Cat Litters

*Zero Landfill waste. 100% Compostable

*Upto 10x more absorbent than Clay Cat Litters

*Naturally resistant to Bacteria with added Bi-carb for low/no odour

Watch Huskaloo in action here: Video