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Hippy Hut Water Works Tincture (50ml)

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Hippy Hut Water Works Tincture (50ml)


Hippy Hut Water Works, is a natural tincture which can be given to both pets or people, Good for prostate and weak bladders. The tincture generally takes around 2 weeks before results are seen.

A free glass pipette is also provided, to help with administering.


Price Includes Pipette And Delivery



Hippy Hut Joint Tincture is a vegetable glycerine tincture of herbs specifically made to support muscles and joints. The herbs used are known to have anti inflammatory properties. (Good for people too)


Dosage starts at 20 drops/1ml once a day. It is upped by this increment so just add 20 drops till you reach the desired level. After every increase keep on that dose for 3-4 days before increasing again, just to get it into the system and give it a chance.

*Price includes delivery*