Lickimat Wobble



The Lickimats (R) are designed as tasty boredom busters for your dog and or cat, they can also make meal times much more fun, slow down a greedy eater and also offer therapeutic benefits too. You can spread your pet’s SARF (Species Appropriate Raw Food) or one the selection from the JR PATE SAUSAGE and create a tasty fun game with them having to seek out every morsel with their tongue.

General Benefits:

Great for calming pets in many situations

Repetitive licking is soothing for your pet, releasing a calming the hormone into the body

No over feeding because Lickimat makes a small tasty treat last longer

Licking enhances the sense of taste, allowing pet to enjoy just a small amount of food

Helps promote fresh breath by scraping off bacteria and undigested food particles from the tongue

Stimulates saliva production and helps clean tongue, teeth and gums

Saliva production can aid digestion as it contains enzymes like Amylase

For fun pet interaction in two deluxe designs. Lickimat Buddy, with its cross maze design, is perfect for trapping chunky treats like mushy meat or fish.

Typical Analysis:

Made from non-toxic food grade PET and TPR