Our Story

sure4pets Ltd was established in 2014 and has evolved over the years, but in all fairness it wouldn’t be here today or what it is today without our British Bulldogs Oli and Charlie and our sincere love for them. They are our fur baby’s but Sadly Charlie went to rainbow bridge in 2018, which still saddens my heart writing about it now. Both Oli and Charlie have played major parts in the birth and evolution of sure4pets for me personally.

Oli Clever Cloggs “The Birth of sure4pets”

Initially sure4pets was started around three years after Oli came into our lives-2011. He was raw fed when we collected him from the breeder and would wolf his raw mince meal down. However, initially and due to My lack of knowledge and in all fairness, at that time, my ignorance, we switched Oli over to kibble food and what we thought (because of advertisements) was a “complete and balanced diet”. How wrong were we?!

I know that Oli persistently and patiently tried his best to educate us by not really eating ANY of the varying brands of kibble/dried “food” we offered him, and I could tell he wasn’t enjoying any of them. Instead, he would eat the cooked chicken that was offered which we felt we had to feed him due to him refusing to eat. It took almost 7 months before Oli managed to get through to me and I actually began to ask myself “why was my boy refusing this dried food” and I then began to look and research into why my boy wouldn’t eat and what dogs should be eating. This is when my introduction to raw food, processed “foods”, additives, preservatives and ultimately journey into Species Appropriate Raw Foods (SARF) began.

The main reason behind the creation of sure4pets at this stage was to provide health and wellbeing to all dogs and cats through a SARF  diet, which we complimented with natural products (air dried treats), natural toys and hard wearing accessories.

Oli is our British Bulldog (the scientific name for dogs is Canis lupus Familiaris 😉). At almost 9 years old, Oli is very strong, fit and healthy. He is his own dog (if you know him, you will know what I mean). He’s not a typical bulldog either. He is very clever and as a result his Human mum gave him the nickname of “Oli Clever Cloggs”. He Loves walking, being active and being outdoors. In general, he would spend most of his waking day, if he could outside, having a good old sniff and building his pee kingdom. In spite of this he also loves sleeping and is a chilled out boy most of the time. Oli has a heart of gold and a very sensitive soul, he can be demanding when he wants to be mainly when it’s food time (he loves his SARF) or when it’s time for a walk I think he has an internal clock to let me know what time it is. At home he loves his playtime and after likes nothing more than to get comfy, suckling his favourite teddy.

Cheeky Charlie “The Evolution Of sure4pets” 

The progression of sure4pets evolving into health and an understanding of the body along with dis-ease amongst other things!!, came from sad circumstances. Charlie our British bulldog, was introduced to the family when Oli was around 1 year old and after Charlie initially being vet checked by the breeders vet as healthy, he was diagnosed by our vet two weeks after his final vaccinations with a type 4 heart murmer (which he had apparently grown into?!) Although the murmer never bothered Charlie or interfered with his very playful boisterous character or with our long walks which he would participate in easily, He would make me laugh picking up sticks or branches rather 😊 along the way, he enjoyed it thoroughly, (I could tell the way he walked, with a hop in his step and a smile on his face), although the murmer was always in the back of our minds.

Charlie quickly made his presence know, he was also very persistent, not patient though lol and very mischievous but very, very cheeky with it and very loving. His nickname was Cheeky Charlie 😊 As Charlie grew his mischievousness reduced but his heart of gold shone more and more.

When Charlie reached about 17 months old he began to suffer with what we were told at the time “severe allergies” and was given steroids, antibiotics and APOQUEL for a number of years, As I had felt with Oli, again at this time I knew I was missing something as once the medication had worn off the “symptoms” would re-appear but worse!.

Oli and Charlie got on very well. I believe, they were soulmates and loved each other dearly, they always slept in the same bed and Charlie would snuggle right up to Oli and very often use him as his pillow lol.  We had a great family with our two dogs, but despite my best efforts and through lack of knowledge at this time regarding true health, We lost Charlie at just 5 years old. He had a large tumour that had grown from his liver and as we were told it had latched onto a lymph node!? Despite my best efforts to provide a long and healthy life for Charlie through feeding a SARF diet something had gone wrong!! The pain and devastation in loosing Charlie and at only 5 years old and knowing that something had gone wrong drove me to learn about health and mainly the body and how and why diseases start and just like I give Oli the credit for my journey learning about dogs as a species and their nutritional requirements, Charlie takes full credit for my journey into health, the body, dis-ease and ultimately my new aim – helping you understand and deal with the route cause and underlying issues of health problems such as:-

rather than just addressing the symptoms.

The result

sure4pets now specialise in canine nutrition (minerals), ancestral history and health. At our core, we are about providing organic (of life) natural food along with treats that are as natural as can be, with honest advice (truth) passing on the knowledge that I have found over the past 8 years and have shared with my staff and many other happy customers. As I always say in the shop “it’s about the health of the dog, nothing more nothing less“. Finding what causes illness and dis-ease and getting to the root cause is where the cure is found, not in looking at and treating the symptoms.

My aim is to provide customers with a better understanding of the internal anatomy of their canine, canine mineral and nutritional needs and natural characteristics along with natural and proven methods to provide true health. This way we can help you ensure that our fur babies thrive, rather than just survive. The information we give at sure4pets can be found mainly on our website and facebook group and will hopefully provide you with a better understanding of our dogs- canine eating habits and other natural traits.

sure4pets only stock Species Appropriate Raw Foods (SARF) which are designed naturally to be assimilated by the body, we then compliment this with natural TREATS, CHEWS, TOYS and Hard Wearing Accessories to help you keep “Natural, Healthy And Happy” fur babies. For me, first and foremost health comes first. I want to encourage and help more people realise that the Species Appropriate Raw Food Diet, often referred to as SARF  is the only diet that can provide health and vitality to the cells that make up the physical body, along with sharing the knowledge I have gained so we can all understand where disease comes from, which ultimately brings health.

Hippocrates “The Father of medicine” quotes

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.”

“All disease begins in the gut.”

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