Birds of Prey: Behaviours, Species, and Adaptations

What are Birds of Prey? A bird of prey is a carnivorous creature; a predator that relies on hunting and consuming other birds or animals for its survival. While numerous birds subsist on invertebrates like insects and worms, birds of prey primarily target larger vertebrates such as small mammals and fellow birds. One of their […]

Snake Feeding 101: What Every Snake Owner Should Know

There are around 2,500 distinct snake species in existence. Some of these species, like king snakes, rat snakes, garter snakes, corn snakes, various types of pythons, and various boa constrictors are commonly chosen as pets. The majority of snakes available for purchase as pets are manageable and generally display non-aggressive behaviour. While certain snake species […]

Hygiene and a Raw Food Diet

One of the main concerns of feeding a Species Appropriate Raw Food Diet (SARF), is the risk of germs. In so many cases people give the wrong advice and information. The main concern and question asked, “Is my family at risk from bacteria from raw meat”? The fact is that there are as many pathogens […]

Scientific Studies: The Benefit to Feeding Raw vs Dry

Some scientific studies show a benefit to feeding raw vs. dry. In the Netherlands, a study conducted proved that a raw meat diet reduced urinary oxalate and calcium excretion in dogs (Djicker, hagen-Plantinga, Evert’s, Bosch, Kema, and Hendricks, (2012). Another study conducted on total tract energy and macronutrient digestibility and fecal fermentation end product concentrations […]

The Controversy over SARF

CONTROVERSY OVER SARF Dogs became domesticated thousands of years ago. A dog’s ancestral history traces back to wolves with a less than 2% difference in their DNA. Dogs are carnivores with the same digestive physiology as their ancestors. Approximately 60 years ago, dog’s diets consisted of scraps, carcasses, and what they killed on their own. […]

The Carnivore Omnivore Debate

THE CARNIVORE, OMNIVORE DEBATE With so much conflicting information through various media channels, forums, raw feeding veterinary experts at the forefront of the raw feeding industry and many raw food manufactures, there’s no wonder that people are confused about what to feed their dogs. Whether dogs are carnivores or omnivores – and how to feed […]

Pet Food Problem Ingredients

When choosing the right food for your dog or any other animal for that matter, nutrient content is important. Ingredients vary in form, quality, and nutrition (Case et al., 2011). Raw materials used in dog foods are purchased in commercial lots on the open market making the quality variable. Products differ in place of origin […]

The Pet Food Industry

The Pet Food Industry    The manufacturing of commercially processed dry pet foods constitutes a thriving industry worth billions of dollars.  Pet food manufacturers exert influence by funding research in veterinary schools, and educating future veterinarians on nutrition. While pet foods are intended to be balanced and nutritious, concerns have arisen regarding their safety due […]

Introduction to Species Appropriate Raw Food Diet (SARF™)

Sarf Dog Diet

Introduction to a Species Appropriate Raw Food Diet – SARF™   Gareth – sure4pets – “it’s about the health of the dog, nothing more, nothing less”   At sure4pets we are dedicated to helping you provide your dog with the best life possible and therefore don’t go along with the crowd, which in this instance […]


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