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The Main causes of disease and aging are to be found in biochemical suffocation, the systematic disorder that interferes with the normal process of cell metabolisim and cell regeneration, As the famous Canadian “stress doctor” Hans Selye, said, “life, the biological chain that holds our parts together, is only as strong as the weakest links, the cell.

 “Dr Robert Morse”

“No matter what part of the body one wishes to look at, be it the liver, kidneys, skin, bones, hair, finger nails, etc., …all we are talking about are CELLS! The physical body is said to be made up of approximately 76 trillion cells. So, no matter what group of cells are called tissue (organs, glands, bones, etc.), the body is simply made up of a whole bunch of cells. Some are so small you can hardly see them. Others are as much as a foot long! So, we can say the human body is simply a bunch of cells and two major fluids. Yes, we have a lot of chemistry in our physical bodies as well: minerals (especially calcium), vitamins, toxins, microbes, e.g. janitorial bacterium, fungus, etc. But, simply put, our physical bodies are comprised of cells and two major fluids. This is the same for any physical body.

“Having a basic or simplistic understanding of how the physical body works overall is necessary to helping you understand what causes “dis-ease” and how you eliminate it. Also, a basic understanding of the nature of the two sides of chemistry are vital. Throw in a little physics (understanding of energy) and one can, in a simple way, understand why we and our pets suffer so much.”

Disease and aging begins when the normal process of cell regeneration and rebuilding slows down. This slow down is caused by the accumulation of waste products in the tissues which interferes with the nourishment and oxygenation of cells.

It’s vital that we understand the two major fluids of the body (blood and lymph) and their respective jobs if we’re going to understand how the body works and what causes disease.

Insterstitial Fluids

The cells that make up the physical body aren’t clumped together. There are spaces between them. These spaces are called interstitial spaces. These interstitial spaces are all filled with fluids: part blood, part lymphatic fluid. Why? Because this is how you feed them and how you clean them. Simply put: from the cells, the blood goes back into the venous system, which goes back to the lungs and liver for more “goodies” (nutrition and fuel). The lymphatic fluids (which collect cellular wastes) flow to the lymph vessels and then on to the septic tanks (called lymph nodes) and then on to the body’s eliminative organs (kidneys, colon and skin) for the elimination of wastes. What an efficient system this is!

Lymph Vessels

Consider that the lymph vessels are like the sewer pipes in your house. Even your kitchen has sewer pipes that carry the kitchen wastes away, and so it is in the body. Your blood vessels, liver, lungs, heart, etc., which are part of the “kitchen,” have sewer pipes (lymph vessels) running all through them. This is simply because all tissues (no matter which ones) are nothing but cells, which must consume and eliminate (“eat and poop”).

Lymph Nodes

All waste from houses must go into septic tanks to be broken down and neutralized as much as possible before elimination into the earth. And so it is with your body. But, instead of having only one septic tank like most houses, your body has thousands. The body’s septic tanks are called lymph nodes. The adenoids, tonsils and appendix are good examples of lymph nodes. You have a mass of them under each arm that drains the arms and breasts. Your jaws, sternum, groin, etc., have many as well. They are everywhere. They are important for the proper elimination of cellular wastes and damaged cells. From the lymph nodes (your septic tanks) it’s off to the outside world.

Canine Lymphatic System

Eliminative Organs

Now here’s the “kicker…” Where do your cellular wastes go? Back to the lungs and heart? I don’t think so! That would be stupid of the Supreme Being to make an incredibly complex, intelligent machine that poops in its own kitchen! Especially when you understand that most cellular wastes are acids and putting acids into the blood would be a huge “no-no,” because death would certainly be eminent within minutes! Common sense would go a long way in our current health care system.

We’ll get back to the nature of the two sides of chemistry shortly. First, let me introduce you to your lymphatic system’s eliminative organs: the kidneys, colon and skin. If these exits are blocked or too weak to support proper kidney function, one’s cellular wastes will ooze out any hole your body has …or worse, they will start accumulating in the body. First, your lymph nodes swell. That’s your body telling you that your lymph system is getting blocked or simply put, your food consumption is too toxic or mucus forming. And then, if needed, the body will “pocket” or “encase” this trash, creating tumors, boils, cysts, polyps, etc.

Your kidneys are the main players in this process of cellular waste removal. They are supposed to eliminate for each side of your body, respectively. Your skin is your largest eliminative organ and it’s considered the body’s “third kidney.” The colon drains the central trunk of the body, including the brain (as far as we know). However, I feel the kidneys are still connected in the role of lymphatic drainage of the brain and head areas. Your kidneys and skin are the main players. The colon plays a major role in it’s own lymphatic system but, as said, helps some of the main trunk of the body as well. You can especially see the colon’s role as somewhat of a “lymph drainer” when you detoxify. This shows up as mucus in your stools.

As said, each kidney drains each side of the body, respectively. The right kidney filters the right arm, breast, hip, ovary/testicle, and leg, (lymphatically) and the same thing happens on the left side. So, it’s simple when you see a tumor in the right breast. There is a blockage in the right kidney! Remember, the blockage is always in the kidneys, colon and/or skin. Tumors are not blood clots; they are lymph clots! It’s that simple.

So within a physical body (which is made up of cells), basically the blood feeds the body’s cells with minerals, enzymes, electrolytes nutrients etc from food consumed and oxygen enhaled. The cells waste, is removed via the body’s sewer system (lymphatic system, lymph nodes – the body’s cleansing system and main part of the immune system) which is drained via the kidneys, colon and skin. When the lymphatic system is compromised/blocked, waste can build up within the cells, causing inflammation/acidosis or as we know dis-ease/illness, which is simply acidosis and acid is corrosive!! again this make up is the same for any physical body.


Before Switching dogs over to their Species Appropriate Raw Food (S.A.R.F) diet, at sure4pets we always recommend an initial and very short fasting period of 24-36 hours. We always promote the fact that it offers healing time, but I though in this section we would explain just how fasting works. Ultimately what makes it so effective and why the likes of Hippocrates (460 – c. 370 BCE) who is referred to as the father of medicine – who’s methods and teaching are what today’s “scientific” medicinal industry is supposed to be based upon- used it along side herbs and other natural methods to cure all disease known at that time. Hippocrates believed in the natural healing process of rest, a natural diet, fresh clean air and cleanliness and once said that “to eat when you are sick, is to feed your sickness.”

This initial fasting time allows the digestive system and body’s cells to rest which helps to encourage a deeper healing.


We do not advise fasting a puppy (under the age of 17 months old) for any period, at the same time please understand their is a huge difference in you fasting the dog and them not wanting to eat, please don’t get too concerned if your puppy isn’t eating providing that their body condition is within the ideal band and they are acting normal, they are healthy and happy.

Why Fasting Is So Effective

  1. During a prolonged fast (after the first three days) the body will live on its own substance. When it’s deprived of needed nutrition, particularly of proteins and fats, it will burn and digest its own tissues by the process of “autolysis” or self-digestion. The clever part is within the fact that the body very cleverly and in its wisdom which here lies the secret and true effectiveness of fasting as a curative and rejuvenative therapy – the body (which is simply made up of cells) will first decompose and burn those cells that are diseased, damaged, aged or dead. In fasting, the body feeds itself on the most impure and inferior materials, such as dead cells and morbid accumilations, tumors, abcesses, fat etc.Dr Otto Buchinger, M.D., said to be “one of the greatest fasting authorities in the world” calls fasting a “refuse disposal” , a “burning of rubbish.” The essential tissues and vital organs, the glands, nervous system and the brain are not damaged/digested in fasting.
  2. During fasting while the old cells and diseased tissues are decomposed and burned, the building of new and healthy cells is sped up. This may seem unbelievable, since no nourishment, or only a limited amount of nourishment during a fast is supplied. But this is nethertheless a physiological fact. During the famous Swedish fast marches, when first 11 and then 19 men walked from Gothenburg to Stockholm, a distance of over 325 miles, in 10 days and whilst on a total fast, it was observed that the protein level of the blood (serum albumin reading) of the fasting people remained constant and normal!) through the fasting period, in spite of the fact that no protein was consumed. The reason for this is that proteins in the body are in the so called dynamic state, being constantly decomposed and resynthesized and re-used for various needs within the body, When old or diseased cells are decomposed, the amino acids are not wasted, but are released and used again in the process of building new young healthy and vital cells.
  3. During a broth or spring water fast the eliminative and cleansing capacity of the eliminative organs – lungs, liver, kidneys and skin – is greatly increased, and masses of accumulated metabolic wastes and toxins are quickly expelled. for example, during fasting the concentration of toxins within the urine can be ten times higher than normal. This is due to the fact that the alimentary canal, liver and kidneys are relieved from the usual burden of digesting foods and eliminating the resultant wastes and toxins such as uric acid, purines, etc., from the tissues. This eliminative process can also be evident from the following typical symptoms of fasting: offensive breath, dark urine, skin eruptions, excessive perspiration, and more, which can be found in the detoxing page.
  4. Fasting offers a physiological rest to the digestive, assimilative and protective organs. After fasting the digestion of food and the utilization of nutrients is greatly improved, and slugishness along with further waste retention are prevented.
  5. Finally, the fast exerts a normalizing, stabilizing, and rejuvenative effect on all the vital physiological, nervous and mental functions. The nervous system is rejuvenated; mental powers are improved; glandular chemistry and hormonal secretions are stimulated and increased; the biochemical and mineral balance of the tissues is normalized.

Its easy to see from the above why fasting is such an effective health-restoring and rejuvenative measure. here are a few link where scientific studies have proven fasting to be successful. (many links to studies found here) (many link to studies found here)

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