sure4pets specialise in canine nutrition (minerals), ancestral history and health. At our core, we are about providing organic (of life) natural food along with treats that are as natural as can be, with honest advice (truth) passing on the knowledge that I have found over the past 8 years and have shared with my staff and many other happy customers. As I always say in the shop “it’s about the health of the dog, nothing more nothing less“. Finding what causes illness and dis-ease and getting to the root cause is where the cure is found, not in looking at and treating the symptoms.

My aim is to provide customers with a better understanding of the internal anatomy of their canine, canine mineral and nutritional needs and natural characteristics along with natural and proven methods to provide true health. This way we can help you ensure that our fur babies thrive, rather than just survive. The information we give at sure4pets can be found mainly on our website and facebook group and will hopefully provide you with a better understanding of our dogs- canine eating habits and other natural traits.

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Meet The Team

Laura – S.A.R.F Advisor & Office Manager
Laura’s Pals: Pippa, Sadie & Flynn

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Pippa & Sadie are 11 year old springer spaniel sisters. Flynn is a 5 year old lurcher. Pippa loves to pick up any shoes or a roll of cellotape to parade around with as a greeting when you enter the house.
Sadie loves her tennis/golf balls and loves to sneak up onto the sofa to sit up like a human.

Flynn is HUGE and likes to think he is tiny and fits into the smallest spaces possible, including squeezing into the same bed as his sisters!
All my dogs love raw and are not fussy with any food/treat given to them! They particularly love sprats and meaty bones to chew on!

Gareth – Director of Business
Gareth’s Pal: Oli

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Meet Oli, Oli has been a true inspiration to me, considering I never wanted a dog, and is one of the main reasons for sure4pets creation! Oli has been fed his S.A.R.F diet for almost 10.5 years and still today, when he’s fed it’s like it his first meal lol, in fact he knows exactly when his meal time is and boy does he let you know!
When out on walks, Oli’s favourite thing to do is to build his pee kingdom, I would say it’s his main focus

Jodie – S.A.R.F Advisor & Social Media Admin
Jodie’s Pals: Boris & Milo

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Boris is an 11 year old miniature schnauzer. He loves long walks, especially at the seaside with his family. He loves his creature comforts and will often sneak onto the sofa to sit and watch tv with us. His favourite natural treat is a pig’s ear! Milo is a 3 year old British Shorthair cat. She was raised around dogs, so enjoys belly tickles and will do tricks for her treats! Don’t let her grumpy facial expressions fool you, she loves to play with toys, and has a beco ball that we stuff with pate, and she will play fetch like a dog!

Nat– S.A.R.F Advisor
Nat’s Pals: Diesel & Oscar

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Diesel & Oscar are both black and white rescue cats.
I also have a lot of other pets including chinchillas, snakes, lizards, hamsters and praying mantis.

Every time I fetch their food home, diesel makes a beeline for the empty cardboard box to go to sleep in. Oscar loves his food, but nothing beats Henley Raw Just Pigeon. The feathers must really be the best part for him as he screams as soon as he sees the packaging. I also have an 8 year old Lab x Poodle called Frank. His favourite pass time is playing fetch

Keat – Team Member (Saturday Lad)
Keat’s Pals: Molly & Brooke

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I have two dogs, one Yorkshire Terrier called Molly who is 14 years old, and one sprocker spaniel puppy called Brooke who is 13 weeks. Molly is blind and largely deaf yet is still full of life and goes crazy for her food. Brooke was the runt of the litter, so she is still a lot smaller than her siblings yet is very energetic!

Joe – S.A.R.F Advisor & Shop Manager
Joe’s Pals: Evie & Duke

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Evie and Duke are 9 and 10 year old rescue dogs. Evie is a Staffy and Duke is a Bullmastiff cross.
Despite his size, duke still thinks he’s a tiny lapdog and likes to be wherever you are. Evie loves her beco ball, especially on walks where she can run and chase after it.
Both will eat almost anything raw, and love day-old chicks as a treat.

Our Mission

For me, first and foremost health comes first. I want to encourage and help more people realise that the Species Appropriate Raw Food Diet is the only diet that can provide health and vitality to the cells that make up the physical body, along with sharing the knowledge I have gained, so we can all understand where disease comes from.

We only stock and promote real Species Appropriate Raw Foods and nothing else, we also have our environment at the forefront of this mission too. We offer a totally natural approach and have been leading the way to real health and understanding since 2014. We provide free information and understanding which has been gained through tireless and addictive research over the past 9 years.

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Marian Matusiewicz

The Birth of sure4pets

Initially sure4pets was started around three years after Oli came into our lives-2011. He was raw fed when we collected him from the breeder and would wolf his raw mince meal down. However, initially and due to My lack of knowledge and in all fairness, at that time, my ignorance, we switched Oli over to kibble food and what we thought (because of advertisements) was a “complete and balanced diet”. How wrong were we?!

The main reason behind the creation of sure4pets at this stage was to provide health and wellbeing to all dogs and cats through a SARF diet, which we complimented with natural products (air dried treats), natural toys and hard wearing accessories.

The Evolution of sure4pets

The progression of sure4pets evolving into health and an understanding of the body along with disease amongst other things came from sad circumstances. Charlie our British bulldog, was introduced to the family when Oli was around 1 year old and after Charlie initially being vet checked by the breeders vet as healthy, he was diagnosed by our vet two weeks after his final vaccinations with a type 4 heart murmer (which he had apparently grown into?!)

Although the murmer never bothered Charlie or interfered with his very playful boisterous character or with our long walks which he would participate in easily. He would make me laugh picking up sticks or branches rather along the way, he enjoyed it thoroughly, (I could tell the way he walked, with a hop in his step and a smile on his face), although the murmer was always in the back of our minds.