sure4pets is a new family run enterprise, supplying  natural foods, treats and toys for dogs initially.

We are based in Barnsley, just a few minutes from the town centre.

With a real love and passion for our two British Bulldogs, Oli & Charlie and a love for pets in general,  it is our aim to help others understand the proven benefits of the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet, often referred to as BARF. 

For you to understand BARF, we need to share with you the rising issues of how processed / kibble and tinned foods can and do seriously harm our furry friends…. 

We’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to feeding our dogs and understanding our four legged friends digestive systems needs.

For us it started in August 2011 when we picked up our new puppy  Oli.  The breeders were feeding him a raw and natural diet. We were given 2 weeks supply of his  BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) along with his feeding routine. At this point we can remember thinking surely this alone was not going to give him the nutrients he would need. We didn’t know any better at this stage.

So over the next few weeks we introduced and changed his food to what is considered a “high quality kibble” that offers a healthy balanced diet. In our minds he would then be getting the nutrients he needed to grow healthily and thrive. How wrong we were.

We then continued over the course of about a year swapping and changing these high quality dried “food” / kibble brands as we were really struggling to get Oli to eat. We started adding cooked chicken to his bowl but he would pick out the chicken and leave the kibble! (again at this time we didn’t know that cooking food destroys 70% of the nutrition that’s available in raw uncooked meat or in-fact that they need 80% meat 10% bone & 10% offal) We even resorted to hand feeding but even this had started to fail. Then, 1 year later, we introduced Charlie to the family at this stage and after a few months getting him to eat dried food / kibble had also become a problem.

We were spending approximately £160 per month on dried foods and chicken but we were throwing way more than half of the dried / kibble away.

Oli was around 18 months old now and had started with “tear stains”.  We had done some research and found that it could be a number of factors contributing to this, including drinking water, the type of dishes we served his food and water in, the copper content in the food and more.

We quickly changed his food and water dishes to stainless steel.

The next stage was to find a food that was right for them both.

This was a very long, frustrating, confusing and expensive task – trying to find the right food that Oli and Charlie would not only eat but that also provided a good balance of healthy nutrients they need.

The dried food was just not working and the more research we did the more we discovered that the BARF diet was the answer.

We made the decision to trial the BARF diet and within a week had changed both dogs over (it was that quick and simple).  We could not believe the difference and so quickly!


Not only were both dogs eating without any fuss, we could see that they were clearly loving their new foods.
Over the next 2 months there was noticeable changes to their: –

Coats  they were softer, shinier with no doggy smell
Stools  were much smaller, less to pick up, not as smelly and they were not going as often
Energy they were playing more with us and each other
Breath less odour
Passing wind less often and less odour

Oli and Charlie continue to eat and enjoy their  BARF diet along with raw and other natural treats and toys.  They still love and eat their food without any fuss to this day. We have also been able to manage allergies that Charlie had developed whilst on a kibble diet.