Chicken Carcasses

Chicken Carcasses

Chicken Carcasses

"Give your dog some thing to chew on"  with our 2kg packs of chicken carcasses. Because it takes more mental & physical effort for your dog to tear meat off & crunch through bones, you will often see them stopping to work out the best way for them to tackle it. Our Chicken carcasses can also be stuffed with any of our minced meats so they can fed as a meal or as part of a meal depending on the size of your dog. Raw Meaty Bones or Rmb's are natures best toothbrush.


100% chicken Carcass

No artificial colour, preservatives, additives cereals or filers.

Typical Analysis

Protein %, oil %, moisture %

2kg | £3.50



Price: £3.50

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