Antler Dog Chews

Antler Dog Chews

Antler Dog Chews

We have access to the largest range in the UK. Antlers make fantastic dog chews because they are totally natural, long lasting, provide good minerals and are odourless to humans. From puppies to older dogs, all are fascinated by them and love to explore the different taste and texture; gnawing, playing, chewing, licking, carrying and grinding them. And they don’t go off – which means that dogs can leave them and come back to it, day after day, for weeks or months.

The Antler Dog Chews are 100% natural, long lasting, are fantastic for teeth and full of great minerals for good health. Vets recommend them and dogs just love them, finding them exciting and irresistible.

Being a totally natural product, it's free from additives, colours and preservatives, it's hypoallergenic,  low odour and non-sticky too!


100% Naturally shed antler

Antler dog chews contain  all these beneficial minerals:

* Collagen – Good for bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage
* Lipids – Essential for growth and development
* Glucosamine – Good for joints and tissues
* Calcium and phosphorous – Benefits bones and teeth
* Iron – Essential for healthy blood cells
* Potassium – Good for nerve and muscle function
* Magnesium – Aids in storing and releasing energy


Available in small, medium, large & extra large


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