Venison Deli Sticks

Venison Deli Sticks

Venison Deli Sticks

Venison Deli Sticks are a delicious natural dog treat made from lean, healthy British venison.


10 Very Good reasons to give your dog venison deli sticks

  •  A highly regarded healthy red meat
  •  Venison is naturally lean and low in fat
  •  Healthy source of protein and iron
  •  Excellent omega 3 qualities
  •  Hypoallergenic and gluten free
  •  Air dried slowly to retain all the nutrients
  •  Beautiful Flavour with no artificial colouring or additives
  •  Great size treats
  •  Produced in the UK
  •  Satisfaction of knowing you are giving your dog the best, keeping their lives and wellbeing as natural as possible!


100% British Venison Meat, Natural collagen casing

A complementary pet food for all dogs over 3 months, feed as part of a balanced diet or a treat or reward.

Typical Analysis

54.3%, Oils and Fat: 25.7%, Fibre: 12.9%, Ash: 5.8%, Moisture: 13.3%



Price: £5.25

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