“GOLD RANGE” Mixed Box

“GOLD RANGE”  Mixed Box

“GOLD RANGE” Mixed Box

With our  "GOLD RANGE" mixed boxes you can provide a balanced but varied diet, you can choose from a wide range of different meat types making meal times much more exciting for "fido" too.

In raw feeding terms it's advised to feed a minimum of three different varieties, here at sure4pets we believe there should be at least 5 varieties, the reason for this is because each meat type provides your dog with something different, "for example" - beef is a great immune system booster, Lamb helps turn fatty acids into energy, rabbit is good for promoting fur growth, chicken & turkey contain natural anti-inflammatory properties along with containing omega 3-6 - which benefit joints, and tripe, not only helps your dog with food digestion-(from the trillions of bacteria it contains) it's also great for helping build muscle mass, it contains lactic acid bacteria, this helps to fight against the yeast candida -(fungus infection) or red stains between pads/tear stains.


Everything in "BRONZE RANGE" + "SILVER RANGE" Inc



Beef (Meat Only)




Muscle meat, offal, bones,

80% meat, 10% offal, 10% bone.

No artificial colours, preservatives, additives cereals or filers.

Typical Analysis

Protein %, oil %, moisture %,


orders must consist of a minimum of 14 454g/ 1lb packets (1 full box )

14x454g/1lb = 1 box  £14.00

 1x454g/1lb = £1.00


Price: £14.00

(+VAT & Postage)

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