Bone Broth Packs

Bone Broth Packs

Bone Broth Packs

Bone broth is a long forgotten super food that’s inexpensive, nutrient packed and easy to make. It provides excellent healing properties If your dogs are experiencing any of the following 


: Allergies  

: Leaky Gut

: Colitis

: Irritable bowel

: Inflammatory bowel disease


Below is another list of reasons you may wish to consider bone broth for your dog.


: Great for joints

: Helps the Liver detox

: Promotes a healthy gut

: A great way to get nutrition into a sick dog



Free Range Chicken Necks

Free Range Chicken Feet

Free Range Chicken Wing

Free Range Chicken Drummer

Duck Neck

Duck Feet

Duck Wing

Beef Shank 4" x 1

Turkey Neck

Turkey feet


Making Your Bone Broth


Add Something Acidic

This will help draw the minerals out of the bones more thoroughly. Raw apple cider vinegar is most commonly used (It’s well regarded by herbalists for its ability to draw minerals out of plants). If you don't have raw apple cider vinegar you can use Lemon juice.


Cook For A Long Time

This is necessary to get the full nutrition out of the bones. Usually a broth will take around 24-hrs but you can keep simmering for days. The bones will eventually start to crumble when all their nutrients and proteins have been extracted — once you see this happening with the majority of your bones, you've probably extracted as much goodness as you're going to get.

Completely cover the bones with water; add the vinegar or lemon juice. Cover by about two inches of water, to keep the broth dense. For an average sized slow cooker, use about two to four tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar. Turn your slow cooker to high just to get it started for the first hour, then switch to low.

Once your broth is finished, strain the bones (DO NOT FEED THESE TO YOUR DOG !!). Any fat in the broth is good fat, keep it there. The remainder is your broth. If it has a jelly-­like consistency when it’s cold you’ve done a good job of it! It means you have extracted all the nourishing minerals and collagen from the connective tissue of the meaty bones. This contains natural glucosamine.

You may be thinking that making bone broth is too much like hard work or that it takes too much time, but honestly, it's well worth the effort, You will also have enough to last you a good while as you can freeze it. I pour the broth into ice cube bags (you can also use trays) and freeze it. You can then use as and when you wish.





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