Our Ethos

Our Ethos:

Here at sure4pets we specialise in dogs nutrition, our ethos and aim is to promote natural foods, treats and eco-friendly accessories to help you keep natural, health and happy pets. We want to encourage and help more people realise that the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet, often referred to as BARF is the best possible most natural diet your beloved pet can get. And to help, we also aim to show it can be simple and cost effective. 

We often here the saying ‘you are what you eat’. This is true of our pets too. The fact is that processed foods such as dried-Kibble & tinned, that we feed our pets are causing health issues such as; tumours; diabetes; Arthritis; Cancer; Liver and Kidney problems; skin conditions; gum disease and tooth decay. There are 8 million species that thrive from eating species specific diets, whether they are Carnivore, Omnivore or Herbivore, people and their domesticated pets are the only animals that suffer from the health issues mentioned above.

We are forgetting that dogs and cats are carnivores and should not be eating processed foods (neither should humans).
We are tricked by TV adverts, some vets and product packaging every day and have been for years. We are led to believe that these processed foods are the best thing our pets should be eating, and that they offer a natural healthy balanced diet. The thing is the commercial pet food industry has only been around for 60 years or so but dogs and cats have been around and eating raw foods for 60,000 years.

Although our family pets are now domesticated, they have evolved with mankind’s help but their internal organs and digestive systems are still the same as their ancestors and therefore require and thrive with a Biologically Appropriate  Raw Food diet.

Please see the attached links for really useful article’s:


Research Paper – Raw Diet v Kibble Diet – United Kingdom

There are a number of links like the one above throughout our website to show you the benefits of natures intended diet and the worrying facts of man-made dried/Kibble diet.

Another thing that most people do not know, is that our furry friends do not have the enzymes needed to break down grains, rice and soya based processed foods, resulting in them sitting around in your pets stomach like a lead weight causing discomfort and resulting in oversized, large smelly stools.
The BARF diet is very simple. You provide your pet with a minced meat,bone & offal diet., along with meaty bones and other natural treats.  This provides essential fatty acids, proteins, natural fats, calcium and other minerals along with pre-digested plant matter. ALL the nutrients our pets need.
The BARF diet is as close as were going to get to natures intended diet for our domesticated pets and is the healthiest when used correctly.

Keys notes when feeding a BARF diet to your pet:

Happy pets
Cost effective diet
Environmentally friendly
Less stools
Less odours
Feed natural
No need for suppliments
Vet bills are reduced