One of the main concerns of feeding Bone And Raw Food diet, often referred to as BARF, is the risk of germs and disease.  By following these simple instructions every time you feed your pet you will prevent any issues.

We advise you ONLY use stainless steel or ceramic bowls for your pets food and water bowls.
The best way to defrost your pets raw food is using a fridge. This way you can defrost a ‘block’ at a time, slowly. It takes us 24 hrs in our fridge.
Do not worry if you cannot defrost in a fridge, it is ok to leave a block out of the freezer over night or during the day defrosting for your pets next meal time. Please ensure it is in a sealed container.
Every time you handle any raw food wash your hands with warm soapy water thoroughly.
As soon as your pet has finished eating, wash the food bowl with hot soapy water and then wash your hands with warm soapy water. This does not take long and minimises any bacteria being left behind.
Wash any preparation area and feeding areas with hot soapy water or disinfectant. As a minimum use a disinfectant wipe.
Water bowls should also be washed daily with hot soapy water.

We will soon offer a full range of preparation boards, feeding bowls, disinfectant and wipes. Our aim is to offer our customers a full solution for their pet(s) from purchase to ‘poop picking’.

In changing your pets food from a dried food/kibble or tinned diet to BARF there is a little more involved in the preparation in readiness for meal times.  But the factual benefits of feeding a BARF diet are priceless:
Meal times are quicker and easier
Your pet enjoys his/her food more
There will be a lot less to pick up
Your pet will not need to empty his/her bowels as often
The stools will be easier to pick up, they will be much firmer
The stools will be a lot less smelly
To feed BARF will cost you less
Vets bills are usually reduced or made non existant