Customer Reviews

Debbie Emmerton

I can’t thank Sure4pets enough for their fantastic service and help.
Harry is a 7 and a half year old pug-zhu and he swapped to raw in February 2015- the changes in him have been immediate – his coat is gleaming, his teeth are now lovely and white, he’s lost 600g and looks fabulous for it, and he’s got a new lease of life – he’s movement is much better, less stiff and doesn’t struggle jumping (we now have a little gazelle on our hands!!).
Thanks to Gareth for his care and support we are now giving our dog a much better life.

Sarah Wood reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited5 star

Brilliant, can’t say any more than that!! Went to the shop and came out fully informed and knowing exactly what I need to do to raw feed. Bruce absolutely loved his first raw feed and I’m so glad I took the plunge to change to change what I’m feeding him. Thanks again and we look forward to our return to the shop x

Jodie Cook

They are doing really well.. only 2 days in so far and a hunt for a good local supplier brought me here. Today they actually stood and barked at the safety gate in anticipation for their raw food.. unheard of with the kibble they had before! they are trialing minces at the moment and the bowls are licked clean! 


Joanne Mitchell reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited5 star

Fantastic shop and products! Lovely knowledgeable friendly staff! Highly recommended


Danielle Molyneaux reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited5 star

Visited today for the first time and will definitely be going back. Huge range of raw food choice best I’ve come across in one shop and at good prices too. Walked away with 4 boxes of raw food, dried treats and a new Julius K9 harness. Fantastic service and advice whilst in shop highly recommended.


Anne-marie Daniels reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited5 star

I’ve fed my dogs raw for a while now, called in today for a quick chat with 2 of our 4 pooches, an hour later we left . What a fantastic little company. Can’t recommend them enough. Anyone that feeds or is thinking about trying raw this is definitely the company to purchase from. Very helpful and will go the extra mile to help you out. I will no longer purchase my raw from anywhere else. Thanks again for all your help/advice. It was lovely to meet you. See you soon.


Andy Barton reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited5 star

The best raw food supplier I have found and we have had 2 different terrible ones! This place has the best selection of everything your dog could possibly need and the service is top notch, all info supplied and always very welcoming, I hope you will be around for many many many years to come! my st bernard cujo told me to write this!


Claire Parnham  reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited5 star

Fantastic place, lovely friendly staff who take the time to explain everything you need to know about feeding your dog to the awesome range of treats & toys the have. Buddy loves his food & toys & we’re even happier because he’s having 100% natural products. I’d recommend sure4pets to anyone


Amanda Coles reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited5 star

Visited today for the first time and actually found someone who knew his stuff. Really pleased with the knowledge I was given and nice friendly welcome. Will be visiting again 4sure


 Sharon Barnes reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited5 star

Brought some raw from here, first time a couple of months back just finished it, dogs loved it !! will be coming back xxx taken this long to post as I wanted to make sure dogs like it xx


Di Fry reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited5 star

I came to Sure4pets wanting to completely change my dogs food and eating habits. I was not disappointed! The staff are very knowledgable and can not do enough to help you. The food is very well priced along with the toys, treats and other doggy essentials. My Frenchie Maisie is a very happy little girl!! I can not recommend this place enough and we will most definitely be back! Thank you


Russell Grimbley reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited5 star

Having been a raw feeder for a year now, using a mix of home made and commercial bought, it’s wonderful to stumble upon this gem of a supplier. Very knowledgeable, very friendly and very reasonably priced – I hope you do well


David Rowe reviewedSure4pets – sure4pets Limited5 star

Excellent staff very knowledgeable & massively helpful
Can’t do enough to help & spend quality time 1 to 1 customer service ..
Can’t thank em enough with explanations on raw food with it being a new venture ..
100% be back soon
Thank you

Kerry Ogden reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited5 star 
Little gem of a shop found by accident. Owner really knows his stuff. If you’re interested in raw feeding, or at your wits end with fussy feeders or itchy, overweight or unhappy doggies go and have a chat.
Ian Smith reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited5 star

Tried barney our frenchie on raw for the first time a few weeks back and it’s the best thing we have done, he’s full of beans where he was snoring away at 7.30pm on his old kibble, now he’s still flying round the garden and wanting to play fight upto 9.30!! His coat is getting softer where it was course before and he’s not too smelly either. He’s only going to the toilet once maybe twice a day rather than the 5 or 6 times before so he really is a different dog, I wish we’d started him on this when he was a pup! We’ve stocked up and bought a chest freezer… Thanks again guys see you in a couple of months!!


Wendy Twigg reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited5 star

Thank you so much for your advice and support! Our dog has all of his energy back, and some…. He is eating every last bit of his meals and clearly feeling better for the change in his diet!


June Kirk reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited5 star

Can’t recommend this place highly enough, they really know there stuff could have stayed & talked all day found it very interesting , really helpful people & very friendly glad we found you

be back soon best wishes June , & dogs Bella & Connie

Tarcey Ann Kirk Juhasz reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited5 star

Visted today with my mum, and we are very impressed with the way they spend time taking you through all the meats, what to do how much to give your dog very helpful and lovely people made u feel very welcome, thanks Tracey, Summer and Elsa xx


Jade Wilkinson reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited — 5 star

I went to sure4pets for the first time today with my giant schnauzer pup Rico and was sooo happy. Gareth spent so much time talking me through the ins and outs of raw food and explaining things that I was unsure of. He was so patient with all my questions and Rico got lots of attention too, I left feeling so excited about getting Rico onto raw food and letting him be healthy and happy on it, with lots of advice and reassurance that I was able to call with any questions or problems. Gareth is so knowledgable and I’m so glad that we made the decision to go to sure4pets, I couldn’t recommend it more! X



Paula Jane reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited — 5 star

Visited here with my Labrador Scarlett for the first time last week looking for new treats for her as she is raw fed and has many food allergies. The staff were so knowledgeable and the raw food seemed so good we decided to change her from her normal petshop bought raw food and I’m so glad we did. Scarlett loves the new food and we have so much more choice here for her. Been back today with her to get some more food and the girls in the shop were so friendly and made a real fuss of Scarlett. Can’t recommend them highly enough and will definitely be making a regular visit. Thank you you for all the help.


Nadine Beckreviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited — 2 star

Been buying raw for my dog for awhile and was happy but on 2 occasions I’ve not been happy .The first one I received what I felt was a lecture on raw feeding now I know there’s been passionate about your product but there’s a better way of selling it.I left feeling very uncomfortable, second time that i called for the food I got called brain washed because I get my dog vaccinated and neutered. I left feeling annoyed and to be honest that’s not how you should talk to customers.
Will now shop straight from the distributor as the product is fine just the customer service was definitely not what you should be receiving when shopping

Tracey Smith reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited — 5 star

I came for the first time on Saturday and was very clueless on raw feeding, I knew I wanted to do it, just didn’t know where to begin! But I had absolutely nothing to worry about! Gareth was VERY informative and helpful and you can tell he’s very passionate about his product, you just get the sense that he truly wants the best for your dog, which makes it personal and that’s very rare in customer service nowadays! I would 100% recommend this service to anyone!

Nicoletta Brant reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited — 5 star

Just looked at the full house of 5 star reviews and I can see why. We went into the shop last week after a friend recommended me as I’d been wanting to try our bulldog (bomber) on raw as he has very sensitive skin with bad tear stains and I’d read that it could be caused by his food. I had no knowledge of what we needed etc but everything was explained in depth and you can tell that the owners have built a business with the love of dogs at the forefront of the business. The passion for the wellbeing and health of your dog is their main focus and I left knowing we had made the right decision. We have been back today to get this weeks food and bomber has loved his first week on raw. He already looks healthier, he has less hair loss and his tear stains are improved within a week and he has more energy. The food is very very reasonable a lot less than I was expecting and there is so much choice including healthy treats and accessories. We are very pleased to have found somewhere where we can feel confident that we are giving Bomber exactly what he needs x

Alan Midgely reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited — 5 star

First time visit today and got great advice from the staff who are so knowledgeable on Raw feeding for dogs, done the usual vet visits for our Choc Lab (JAK) for reacuring ear infections, itching and nibbling and every medication under the sun to no avail, as a last resort we decided to go down the route of raw feeding, will def call back to Sure4Pets for Jak’s feeds and the great advice you get from the staff as researching Raw Feed is such a minefield.


Lindsay Golus  reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited — 5 star


I called in this evening after a friend recommended me to try this shop.
I’ve had my dogs on raw for just over a week and wanted to try another protein. The lady advised me exactly what I needed and why and also what I could chose from next time in order not to upset my dogs tummies. I also came out with some extra treats for them too which I have to say has gone down well with them both after their evening walk.
I shall definitely be back in a couple of weeks


Emma Grayson reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited — 5 star

Came to the shop for the first time today thanks to some recommendations and I can certainly see why they have 5 stars!! Absolutely fabulous service and information about raw feeding, I didn’t know that much when I went in but I left with a box full of food and a much greater knowledge. Would absolutely recommend this place to anyone who is thinking about raw feeding as it makes all the research and decision making much easier!


Kirsty Butler reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited — 5 star

Been coming here for my dog food for a dew months now and I can ho estly say that I am so happy with the product and the fact of how much knowledge you have about other things too and what really is best for the dog!!!


Sonia Barrett reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited — 5 star

Fantastic service, went yesterday with my 2 dogs, Buddie and Bailey because I wanted to switch suppliers, so glad I went, the guy in the shop is so up on his animal nutrition, I knew the basics but I’m always seeking new and better advice, this guy knows his stuff, he sorted me out with 12 days worth of food for my dogs and some other things too, really helpful, explains things clearly and explains why not to waste money on suppliments if there not needed, why they don’t work, my dogs started the new raw today and they love it , so from now on this is my new raw feed shop,  its local to me too so I can just pop up and pick up what ever I need anytime, thanks for your help, see you soon.


Carrissa Skye reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited — 5 star

Love sure4pets they are massively knowledgeable and know exactly what to recommend to you! The range of raw feed is amazing and definitely worth having a look around the shop if your local I travelled from Leeds and didn’t regret it.


Joe folan reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited — 5 star

So glad to have had this place recommended to me. Very professional owner. He really explains to you the value of raw feeding and why. He’s happy to help in any way he can. So glad this is local so I can keep buying. Beautiful dog friendly shop and you can give your puppy an amazing start to life and great diet for under £10 per week! This place also stocks nutritional treats, lovely dog beds, walking equipment and shampoo! Can’t recommended more.


Robb Whitworth reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited — 5 star

Full of 5 star reviews for a good reason! Absolutely love visiting the shop, always on hand to help out with anything and everything! Absolutely amazing shop


Leigh Palmer reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited — 5 star

First time visiting today, been told lots of things about this place including how knowledgeable the owner was, and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed! Left with lots of food and more knowledge than I bargained for  thank you for all your help so far, and we will be back when we run out 


Keeley Edwards reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited — 5 star

My first visit today And I’ve left feeling very happy!! Can’t thank Gareth enough for all the information And help on putting my baby on raw looking forward to seeing how she goes with it I’ll definitely be back An will recommend to everyone I know with dogs Bella loved the attention too.


Amy Hollingsworth reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited — 5 star

Met these guys at Dogs Unleashed today! Our boys love their treats and we bought a FANTASTIC collapsible water bowl which is perfect for walks. We will definitely be repeat customers.


David Walker reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited — 5 star

First visit today,with big Blue….
Impressed with the shop & Gareth’s in depth knowledge on raw feeding for your dog,will be back.


Susan Haylett reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited — 5 star

Been using this company for a few months now and they are fantastic! Great products and price . Always packaged well and delivered swiftly,  highly recommend.


Mark Rose reviewed Sure4pets – sure4pets Limited — 5 star

Got to be honest I can’t really see us going anywhere else from now on. The guy really knows his stuff and competitive prices